Mother and daughter playing video games. Mommy is winning

5 Best Ways to Spoil Your Mum on a Limited Budget

We all know Mother’s Day is coming soon for those who are in the UK. Are you struggling to find the best things to do with your ma? Here are a few tips from us that helps you organise the best activities to do with her with the most affordable price possible.

  • Spend an hour reading together

Reading with your loved ones is proven to be a good way of communication to open yourself up to them. It is a very good way to share an insightful moment and enjoy the inner peace and happiness with your mum.

  • Set up a Scavenger Hunt

In our humblest opinion, no one is ever too old for a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are the best, especially when they are mum-themed. Hide a whole list of things that are about her around the house and find them all together. A scavenger hunt is definitely a fun activity for those who like bonding as a big family.

  • Make Breakfast for her while she is in bed.

Considerably one of the sweetest acts anyone could do, who doesn’t want food without getting out of bed? This is also one of the most traditional way of showing gratefulness throughout the past decades of TV history. If you don’t live with your mum invite her over for brunch or go out to lunch…..or, if you live some distance from each other, why not cook your own breakfasts and do a zoom video call breakfast or lunch.

  • Movie Marathon

Binge all the way with your favourite movie series with your mum. “Remember the first time when we watched it?” You might laugh out loud, you might end up crying, but the most important of all is that you both share an invaluable and quality time together.

  • Volunteer Together

There’s never greater than helping out others, those that are in need. Look for organisations that require additional support or perhaps you can donate food to your local food banks. An act of kindness is one of the first steps to be happy!

Hopefully these small gestures would help you with your Mother’s Day. If there are any suggestions, please feel free to leave us some in the comment section down below.

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