5 top tips on how to sleep well in hot weather

So being British, we love to talk about the weather, right?  Normally, we’re complaining about the amount of rain we have in the year and that we wish for sun, except for when that sun comes around for long periods of time, we’re not so happy about it either!  We can’t win 😉

One of the frustrating things about the summer, well actually the warm weather, is the impact it has on our sleep patterns.  In warm temperatures its often difficult to get comfortable to sleep because of the heat and humidity we experience.  In the UK our houses, flats and apartments are all designed to store heat, not lose heat, so when heat occurs, it often stays.  And as most of us don’t own air-conditioning units, we’re reliant on fans (and a breeze) to help cool our air. 

The good news is, that there are things you can do to help prepare for a restful night’s sleep, plus they also help to keep your house cooler too, so you’re not so hot when you get home either!

Our top 5 tips to sleep well in hot weather are:

  • Keep the curtains & windows closed during the day

It may sound daft, but by closing the curtains & windows during the day whilst your working, it reflects the sunlight outside and limits the heat from entering your house.  That’s not to say that you won’t get some sunlight or heat, but it will block a significant amount. Now, we know this isn’t necessarily agreeable for people working from home, but even if you can do this in your bedrooms, it will make a huge difference to your ability to sleep at night.

  • Close all the internal doors

If you close all your internal doors during the day, the warm air in those rooms just stays in those rooms and doesn’t get spread around the rest of your property.  It also means that rooms that aren’t subject to direct heat or are only subject to heat at one part of the day, are able to cool down naturally which reduces the property’s overall temperature.

  • Open the loft hatch

This could be a revelation to you – but it really works.  In fact, this tip is from Nicole, our Head of Marketing who found this out when she lived in a maisonette and had constant sunlight for 12 hours a day!  She says this simple trick allowed her to reduce the temperature of her rooms by a whopping 10 degrees, so it’s definitely worth a try!  Now whilst most of our lofts are insulated well, what they still offer, is the space for hot air to rise.  If you open the loft hatch, even for an hour before bedtime, the residual heat from your property will rise into the loft space and allow cooler, fresher air to replace it.  So, it cools down your property really easily.

  • Ventilate after 7pm

After 7pm, open the curtains and windows on all sides of your living space and allow the cooler air to flow in and replace the warmer air that is inside. Ideally, we’d suggest doing this later in the evening, so between 8pm-9pm, but with little ones trying to sleep, it’s all about ventilation and removing that warm stuffy air.  You will, however, feel the maximum benefits to ventilate after 9pm because its cooler outside and the hot air dissipates quicker.

  • Use a cold compress

And finally, if by adopting the above tricks to keep your property and bedroom cool, you still can’t sleep, use a cold compress.  It’s a well-known trick from Ayurveda practices that the feet & your energy lines control your body and more importantly your temperature. By cooling down your feet, you allow your body to relax and fall off to sleep easily. Wet a hand towel in cold water and squeeze it out so it’s just damp, and then wrap it around your feet, and leave it for 10minutes.  This will help your body to reduce its temperature naturally without your body going into shock (yes that’s an actual thing), and help you drift off to sleep. 

We hope these tips will help you to sleep more comfortably during this warm summer spell.  Let us know if these work for you and also if you have any other tips, we’ll add them to this blog too.

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