Immune System

AloePro Aloe Vera Juice

Unlocking the Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

In the realm of natural health and wellness, few plants have captured the imagination quite like aloe vera. Renowned for its soothing properties in skincare, aloe vera has now stepped into the spotlight for its potential health benefits when consumed as a juice. In this blog, we’ll delve into the diverse uses of aloe vera beyond skincare, focusing on how consuming aloe vera juice can aid digestion, promote detoxification, and boost overall well-being. The Digestive Dynamo Aloe vera juice has long been renowned for its potential to support digestive health. It acts as a natural remedy for common digestive issues such as indigestion, bloating, and constipation. The high content of enzymes in aloe vera, including amylase and lipase, helps break down carbohydrates and fats, facilitating smoother digestion. Regular consumption of aloe vera juice supports healthy bowel movements and can help maintain a balanced digestive system, allowing you to enjoy meals…

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KFactor 12 vs KFactor 16 Manuka Honey

Exploring the Benefits of KFactor 12 and KFactor 16 Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its unique properties and potential health benefits. When it comes to choosing the right Manuka honey, understanding the KFactor rating system is essential. At Natural Health Ltd we partner with Wedderspoon, offering two popular variants of manuka honey: KFactor 12 and KFactor 16. In this blog post, we explore the differences between these two strengths and how they impact their purity and potency. What is the KFactor Rating System? The KFactor rating system measures the proportion of Manuka pollen in the honey, which indicates its purity and potency. Higher KFactor ratings signify a higher concentration of Manuka pollen, suggesting that the honey has been sourced from areas abundant in Manuka plants. Wedderspoon’s KFactor Manuka honey is produced naturally, without heat treatment or artificial methods, to preserve its natural enzymes and other beneficial properties. KFactor 12: Everyday Strength Wedderspoon’s KFactor…

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PropolisPro outside surrounded by nature

PropolisPro: Empowering Your Health Naturally

At Natural Health, we are passionate about bringing you the best of nature’s treasures. Honey and bee products hold a special place in our hearts. When deciding on a propolis product, it was only natural for us to choose one that incorporates the incredible properties of Manuka Honey. Known for its exceptional health benefits, Manuka Honey has been widely celebrated for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. By combining Propolis with Manuka Honey, we have created a remarkable product showcasing the synergy of these natural ingredients. We are proud to offer you a propolis solution embodying our commitment to effective natural health remedies. PropolisPro – our revolutionary Propolis Throat Syrup, enriched with the goodness of Manuka Honey. A true gift from the bees themselves. About PropolisPro What is Propolis, you may ask? It’s a resin-like substance collected by honey bees from the buds of trees and other plants. Packed with…

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Wedderspoon KFactor Manuka Honey

KFactor vs MGO: Why KFactor Manuka is the Superior Choice

Manuka honey is a unique and highly sought-after honey that is produced in New Zealand from the nectar of Manuka flowers. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its reported health benefits and robust flavor profile. When it comes to measuring the potency of Manuka honey, there are two main rating systems: KFactor and MGO. Testing Manuka Honey It is important to test Manuka Honey for quality assurance, authenticity, consistency, and reputation. It ensures that the honey is of high quality, free of contamination, and meets the necessary standards for consumption. Another key point is that testing helps to maintain the integrity of the product. This is important for consumers who rely on manuka honey for its potential health benefits. Overall, testing manuka honey is crucial to ensure that consumers get a high-quality and authentic product. KFactor Manuka Honey KFactor measures the pollen count in the honey,…

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The Benefits of a daily spoonful of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is one of nature’s most powerful honey and is well known for its many natural benefits. It comes from the Manuka Bush, also known as Leptospermum scoparium, which is native to New Zealand. Manuka Honey has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s antibacterial properties come from active enzymes the bees make from the manuka pollen. These properties are transferred to the Manuka Honey when bees collect the nectar and make the honey and they cannot be added after the honey is made. To get the maximum amounts of active enzymes, Manuka Honey should be raw, which means it is not heated over the working temperature of beehive otherwise it kills off the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Most high grade MGO Manuka Honey is not raw because it’s heated to achieve the activity level. High levels of MGO is not present in honey straight from the Manuka bush.…

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Winter Wellness

How to Keep Well this Winter

Cold weather in the winter lowers your immune system response levels, due to lack of vitamin D from the sun. Dry air during this period, as well as a weaker nose immunity, all mean that you may be more susceptible to bugs and viruses. The main way to stay well during winter is to keep your home warm and keep yourself warm by wrapping up in extra layers when heading out. Eating at least one hot meal a day, as well as hot drinks regularly can also help to keep you warm. It is also important to stop the spread of germs by washing your hands regularly with soap and water. Of course, these are the basics, but what else should we be doing? What should we be keeping our medicine cabinet stocked up with? Stay Healthy with these Vital Vitamins Vitamins can help to boost your immune system to…

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Things that you can do to help with a sore throat

Sore throats are one of the most unavoidable health issues that everyone has to deal with unfortunately, however, with our years of experience with our customers suggestions and our own experiences, we’re hoping that these few suggestions can help alleviate your discomfort. The causes of a sore throat Generally speaking, most sore throats are caused by cold & flu viruses. Other reasons could be: There are some serious causes of sore throats too, such as tonsillitis or tumours but let’s not panic, if you have any concerns or your sore throat doesn’t improve after 2 weeks, we strongly recommend that you seek medical advice. Here comes the important part, What can we do to stop a sore throat?  And what we can do to reduce our susceptibility of sore throats. There are a few things you can do to reduce your susceptibility to sore throats that include:

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Why is Sleep so Important

Is anyone else feeling tired as we are heading towards the shortest day of the year? With longer days, colder temperatures and little sun exposure, it’s natural to crave more time in bed. Why are we more tired in the winter? We have less exposure to sunlight during the winter months, which affects our internal clock also known as our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm dictates when we feel tired, energetic or alert. It causes our body to produce more melatonin in the winter, the sleep hormone, leaving us feeling tired more often. Getting vitamin D from the direct sunlight is also more difficult in the winter as we spend less time outside. Vitamin D which has a tremendous impact on mood, energy level and immune function. A vitamin D deficiency can make us feel fatigued, which is more prevalent during the winter. Our diet also changes during the colder…

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Sidr Tree

Focus on Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey Sidr Honey is among the finest variants of honey in the world. It is extracted from the nectar of the Sidr tree, which is also known as the Ziziphus Spina Christi, Lote tree or Christ’s Thorn. It is part of the buckthorn family, also known as the Rhamnaceae, and grows about 6m (20 feet) tall. The Sidr tree has very small, green/ yellow flowers, which grow in small clusters. The flowers are then followed by brown/ yellow, leathery fruit. Unlike many other honeys, Sidr honey is harvested only in the winter season by using traditional methods and manual labour. The Sidr tree is also of religious importance due to it being mentioned in the Quran as a tree from heaven. Sidr honey is also considered ‘sacred’ as it was used by the Prophet Muhammad and others to treat many diseases. While in the Bible, the crown of Jesus…

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Benefits of Living a Vegetarian life

This is a widely discussed topic around the world as there is a growing population that are choosing to embrace a plant-based diet! Why are people drawn to the vegetarian lifestyle? Generally, it falls into two categories, for environmental reasons (reduce greenhouse gasses in farming) and for ethical reasons, where people are uncomfortable at eating animals. Fun Fact: You do not need meat to get all the nutrients required for good health, but it is good to supplement with a plant-based Vitamin B as there are few fruit & veg that can give you the same nutritional benefits as meat. A Meat-free Diet can lead to a generally healthier life for various reasons. Better Heart Health According to Crowe et al. (2013)’s research on heart disease, people with a vegetarian diet are a 1/3rd less likely to be hospitalized or die from heart disease. A vegetarian diet is inherently healthful…

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Boosting your Immune System in 6 WAYS

What does the Immune System do? Your immune system fights off infection and inflammation and protects you against thousands of viruses and bacteria everyday.  Often, you can’t even tell that your immune system is working so hard because our body just protects us, without even generating any of the normal symptoms of a virus or bacteria.  It’s only when the immune system is overwhelmed or the virus or bacteria is particularly virulent that we experience symptoms like a runny nose, headache, sore throat, upset tummy, that indicate an infection has taken hold. Your Immune System can have such a big impact on your overall health, even when you’re well, so its wise to look after and nourish it so that when needed it, it can work its full magic! How do I know if I have a weak immune system? There are a few key indicators which would suggest you…

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