Immune System

Benefits of Living a Vegetarian life

This is a widely discussed topic around the world as there is a growing population that are choosing to embrace a plant-based diet! Why are people drawn to the vegetarian lifestyle? Generally, it falls into two categories, for environmental reasons (reduce greenhouse gasses in farming) and for ethical reasons, where people are uncomfortable at eating animals. Fun Fact: You do not need meat to get all the nutrients required for good health, but it is good to supplement with a plant-based Vitamin B as there are few fruit & veg that can give you the same nutritional benefits as meat. A Meat-free Diet can lead to a generally healthier life for various reasons. Better Heart Health According to Crowe et al. (2013)’s research on heart disease, people with a vegetarian diet are a 1/3rd less likely to be hospitalized or die from heart disease. A vegetarian diet is inherently healthful…

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Things that you can do to help with a sore throat

Sore throats are one of the most unavoidable health issues that everyone has to deal with unfortunately, however, with our years of experience with our customers suggestions and our own experiences, we’re hoping that these few suggestions can help alleviate your discomfort. The causes of a sore throat Generally speaking, most sore throats are caused by cold & flu viruses. Other reasons could be: smoking cigarettes – damages the back of your throat and windpipe with the smoke and nicotine allergies to pets – an antihistamine response or sensitivity to pet hair & dander. muscle strains from yelling or talking loudly – straining those vocal cords and drying out the throat Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Acid reflux) – high levels of stomach acid expelling through the top of the stomach into the windpipe & throat There are some serious causes of sore throats too, such as tonsillitis or tumours but let’s…

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Boosting your Immune System in 6 WAYS

What does the Immune System do? Your immune system fights off infection and inflammation and protects you against thousands of viruses and bacteria everyday.  Often, you can’t even tell that your immune system is working so hard because our body just protects us, without even generating any of the normal symptoms of a virus or bacteria.  It’s only when the immune system is overwhelmed or the virus or bacteria is particularly virulent that we experience symptoms like a runny nose, headache, sore throat, upset tummy, that indicate an infection has taken hold. Your Immune System can have such a big impact on your overall health, even when you’re well, so its wise to look after and nourish it so that when needed it, it can work its full magic! How do I know if I have a weak immune system? There are a few key indicators which would suggest you…

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