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Winter Wellness

How to Keep Well this Winter

Cold weather in the winter lowers your immune system response levels, due to lack of vitamin D from the sun. Dry air during this period, as well as a weaker nose immunity, all mean that you may be more susceptible to bugs and viruses. The main way to stay well during winter is to keep your home warm and keep yourself warm by wrapping up in extra layers when heading out. Eating at least one hot meal a day, as well as hot drinks regularly can also help to keep you warm. It is also important to stop the spread of germs by washing your hands regularly with soap and water. Of course, these are the basics, but what else should we be doing? What should we be keeping our medicine cabinet stocked up with? Stay Healthy with these Vital Vitamins Vitamins can help to boost your immune system to…

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Back to Basics: Vitamin C Article from Natural Health World

Back to Basics: Vitamin C

A friend to all Ascorbic Acid, or ‘Good old vitamin C’ was first identified in 1928 by the Hungarian Biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi, who discovered the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle. There are a lot of myths about Vitamin C, one of which is that our bodies can produce it but, this is not the case and so the only sources of Vitamin C are from our food or via supplementation.  Some foods that are high in Vitamin C are Citrus fruits like Oranges, other fruits like Strawberries & Blackberries as well as Peppers, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Potatoes. It’s rarely known that the body cannot store Vitamin C in the body either, so, you can never have too much in your body, because your body will remove any excess Vitamin C that is not required, via your normal digestion process.  This means that even if you eat foods that…

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