Vitamin D

Why should I care about Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, one of the most integral vitamins that all of us need to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate intake, and it also has a significant impact on our bones, teeth, and muscle growth. Not only that, Vitamin D plays a key part in keeping your immune system operating to its optimum and those with severe infections are often found to have very low Vitamin D. It is reported that over one-fifth of the population in the UK suffers from Vitamin D deficiency due to the lack of exposure to sunlight (Crowe, 2019), and this was identified before the pandemic, so that now with our new hybrid working options where a lot of us can work from home and don’t get out as much during daylight, this is a problem that is potentially increasing.  The Importance of Vitamin D Boosting your immune system Vitamin D helps to boost…

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