Inulin – How does it help with my digestion?

Inulin powder is created from a plant extract, primarily the Chicory Root, but can also be found in artichokes, onions and bananas, amongst others. Inulin is classified as a soluble dietary fibre and its uses are varied, but most importantly it acts as prebiotic in your digestion system and increases your daily soluble fibre.  Increasing your daily soluble fibre helps your bowels to work properly as well as helping your digestion system absorb nutrients from food.

Our stomach, bowels and digestion system contain a delicate balance of good bacteria and enzymes unfortunately, even a small amount of bad bacteria can upset your system significantly causing stomach acid, bloating, trapped wind or diarrhoea.

What are the benefits of taking inulin?

  • Makes you feel full

As a soluble fibre, Inulin is essential for good health. By dissolving a regular dose of Inulin powder into some water as a drink, it helps to make you feel full which reduces your appetite.  It also helps your body to absorb nutrients.

  • Helps to boost your Immune Cells

Inulin helps improve your digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in your system such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. Making sure you have the right good bacteria in your system gives your body the defenses it needs, to fight infection and bad bacteria, every day.  It’s well known that an imbalance in your digestion system seems to affect your digestion system as well as your immunity.

  • Helps to regulate your Blood Sugar

As a nutrient that regulates your glucose in the system, inulin slows digestion, including the digestion of carbohydrates, the process of which allows sugar to be released slower without the huge “sugar kick”.  This helps to keep the blood sugar more stable and regular.  Inulin has been recommended as a potential supplement for people with Type 2 diabetes (Guess et al, 2015) although we strongly recommend speaking with your medical professional before using Inulin if you’re Diabetic.

How much should Inulin powder should I consume each day?

We suggest taking a teaspoon (6g) each serving, in a glass of water. We recommend ideally taking 2 servings every day for the maximum benefits.

Need further advice?

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