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Make one change for a Healthier Life

“A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking, and in Central Park, you get rain instead of sunshine.” – Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park)

The definition of the butterfly effect means that small actions can lead to non-linear results on a complex system.  In this context it also means that you can be healthy as well, based on the right small actions you make every day. Here are a few tips on the right changes to make for a healthier life.

The 4 main stages of having a major lifestyle change

  1. Contemplation (Thinking about it)
  2. Preparation (I have made up my mind for this big change)
  3. Action (I am starting to make minor changes and soon to begin with the big ones)
  4. Maintenance (Seeking a new balance for this routine)
  • Focus on Health Lifestyle Changes in your diet (Make Healthy Eating a Daily Exercise)

A healthy lifestyle change does not only focus on the calories you are losing. Stress is not your best friend as it increases the levels of hormones and cortisol, which eventually results in higher levels of carb cravings. Healthy Eating does not have to be anything boring, just flavoursome and full of nutrients….remember that even a stir-fry with lots of veggies and the right cooking oil, can be healthy for you. So, you can still have fun with food by mixing up your meals in healthy way.  Another way is to eat a vegetarian based meal or a fish based meal once a week to reduce your reliance on a meat based diet.

  • Play mind tricks on yourself if you’re giving a food item up

If you’re deciding to cut out a food item like bread, chocolate, caffeine etc, try and choose to give up from the 1st of a month.  It sounds ridiculous but it’s great motivation when you’re having a twitch that you need that food item, because you just look at the day of the month and you easily know you’ve been without it for so “x” amount of time so you can trick your mind to say you don’t need it as you’ve been so long without it already.

  • Focus on Health Lifestyle Changes in your exercise

Don’t forget, with every step or movement, you’re burning calories.  With a lot of us either working from home or back in the office, we all seem to have become static again. Put an alarm in your phone every hour to remind yourself to get up and move. And also, go for that walk at lunchtime too, not only does it get the blood moving, but you’re also likely to get some Vitamin D which will make you feel brighter too! It’s amazing how much different a little bit of movement can make.

  • Set Realistic and Achievable Goals with a Specific Date (Remember to set one goal that has nothing to do with Weight!)

With a very specific and realistic goal, it will keep you motivated and help you achieve your goal. Set a goal that you previously had no time to stick to and get back to it. For example, it could be learning a new language in a fluent level or walking your dog more frequently.

  • Enlist Support from Family & Friends

And the most important tip of all, is to get family & friends support.  You are more likely to succeed with a supportive set of friends and family….plus they can also join in with your ventures too!  You can easily encourage and guide each other into the right path of your goals – A healthier life.

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