Natural Health Network

We are not Natural Health Network and have no association with this company

Our company, Natural Health Ltd of Guildford, Surrey, is not the same company as Natural Health Network and we have NO association with this company or with any of the products they supply.


Please Note: This information page has been issued on the advice of Trading Standards, as many consumers are confusing our company, Natural Health Ltd, with the disreputable company Natural Health Network.  This advice is provided in good faith, based on advice from Trading Standards on how to get your money back from Natural Health Network.


Enquiries regarding Purasilk, Colon Flow, Slimvida and other products sold by the Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products / Natural Products Online.


Our name is similar but we are a legitimate business selling natural vitamins, Cortaflex, Manuka Honey and Maxislim.  We would never sign any of our customers up to any kind of subscription service; in fact, we’d never treat customers in the diabolical way Natural Health Network have – we just wouldn’t have a business if we did!


We empathise with you for your loss and the inconvenience this has caused you.  We believe the action taken by this company is fraudulent and totally wrong.


We have registered a complaint regarding Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products / Natural Products Online to Trading Standards / Consumer Direct (08454 04 05 06) in February 2012, under references SE4759811 and CD10206950.  Trading Standards / Consumer Direct are in the process of investigating this fraudulent activity for us and other consumers that have complained.


In the meantime, Trading Standards have advised us to tell consumers affected the following information:


Speak to your bank / credit card company

This company fraudulently signed you up to a monthly subscription without your knowledge.  This is fraudulent activity.

The bank/credit card can also reclaim any monies taken out of your account already. Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products will get charged a fee by the bank for this irregular practice.  The bank are legally obliged to help you as a consumer to recover the money

Ask the bank to cancel any direct debit/ standing order with Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products.

Tell your bank/credit card that you are reporting the company to Trading Standards for further investigation.

Some banks / credit cards may ask you to fill in a form.  Under some circumstances, the bank may cancel your card and reissue another.


Contact Trading Standards Standards / Consumer Direct

Trading Standards / Consumer Direct have asked us to ask consumers to register a complaint against Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products, so they can obtain more evidence against them.

To report this problem please call Consumer Direct (Trading Standards) on 08454 04 05 06. The references we have logged for this complaint are: SE4759811 and CD10206950

Contact Natural Health Network / Natural Health Products:

The contact details we have been able to find and based on information from other customers for the company is as follows -

US Phone number: 1-888-376-0710

UK Phone number: 0207-979-7832




Natural Health Network, Ltd.

Suite 7, Peel House

30 The Downs, Altrincham

Cheshire WA142PX ENGLAND

Tel: 00-800-9005-0010(UK) or 1-714-672-9410 (USA)

Customer service hours are from Monday-Friday 10AM-1AM,Saturday 2PM-7PM GMT.

Company name: Natural Health Products / Natural Health Network / Purasilk

Everyone that we have given this advice to has been able to resolve their issue.


If, of course you would like to try our products and customer service, please feel free to browse our website at and use promotional code Natural1 for a 10% discount off your first purchase with us.


We wish you all the very best and hope this information helps.