Sweet Leaf Stevia Sweetener

Zero calories, zero carbs & no artificial ingredients

Sweetleaf Stevia is the number 1 selling Stevia range in the United States of America with over 35 years of experience – in fact, they were the first company to realise the importance of the Stevia plant and how it could replace sugar in our normal diet.  Two brand new ranges of Stevia products that are revolutionary on our quest for low or zero refined sugar in our diet; WaterDrops and SweetDrops.  Just add a squirt of WaterDrops to Water (or Cocktails) to add natural flavour without the calories or sugar.  SweetDrops are slightly more concentrated and more suitable for hot drinks, deserts, baking, shakes, ice cream, porridge & yoghurt!

Add a little natural flavour to your life, without calories or sugar!

Sweetleaf Stevia

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