Bee Happy Small Honeycomb Pillar with Bees – Pure Beeswax Candle


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Product Description

Experience the pure beauty of nature with our exquisite beeswax candles. Handcrafted from 100% natural and non-toxic beeswax, these candles create a bright, clean flame that illuminates your home. With their clean and longer burning time, they fill the air with a gentle honey scent, adding a natural warmth to any space. Discover the captivating ambiance and enchanting fragrance that our beeswax candles bring, infusing your surroundings with the essence of nature.

Please be aware that our candles are handmade, ensuring each one is unique in appearance and colour. The measurements provided are approximate and may slightly vary.

Bee Happy Candles are:

  • Made from Pure English Beeswax
  • Handmade
  • Non-toxic and chemical free
  • 100% Natural from a sustainable resource
  • They burn brighter, cleaner and longer than other candles

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Weight 92 g

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