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Nelson Honey’s Honeydew is a dark, delightful honey with a taste reminiscent of golden syrup or treacle. It stays runny even in cooler temperatures and adds a delicious touch to plain yogurt, toast, drinks like smoothies, or your morning cereal. Apart from its great flavour, Honeydew honey offers excellent health benefits, especially for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

 Compared to nectar (floral) honeys, Honeydew Honey contains higher levels of complex sugars called oligosaccharides, as well as antioxidants and minerals. These oligosaccharides act as prebiotics, supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Unlike Manuka Honey, Honeydew Honey survives the journey through the stomach, reaching the intestine where it helps increase the population of good bacteria. This unique ability contributes to easing the symptoms of Colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, and other bowel diseases. So, while Manuka Honey is great for everything up to the stomach, Honeydew Honey steps in to support the digestive system further downstream.

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