The New Zealand Fernmark: A Symbol of Authenticity for Wedderspoon

New Zealand Fernmark

When browsing through Wedderspoon’s products, you may have noticed a small, significant symbol called the New Zealand Fernmark on their labels. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the New Zealand Fernmark represents and why it matters. The New Zealand Fernmark: A Trustworthy Stamp The New Zealand Fernmark is a registered trademark that signifies authenticity…

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What makes Manuka Honey better than Regular Honey?

What makes Manuka Honey Manuka Honey? Manuka bushes are native to New Zealand. The pollen from this unique plant provides key amino acids and antibacterial properties that are unique to Manuka Honey.  Manuka Honey also contains a significant level of methylglyoxal which has been scientifically proven to fight against bacteria including the superbugs of H-pylori,…

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