What is Green Buckwheat and what does it do?

Green Buckwheat is an incredibly rich source of Rutin, an extract that is known to be beneficial for people with haemorrhoids and varicose veins; it can also help to prevent blood clots, more commonly referred to as thrombosis. Rutin is mainly composed of the finest flowers and leaves of the Green Buckwheat Plant.

What is so special about the Green Buckwheat Plant?

The Green Buckwheat plant is best known for its huge content in rutin, a plant pigment found mainly in fruit and vegetables. It contains very strong antioxidant properties and the consumption of Rutin, allows your body to produce collagen and Vitamin C, two key fundamentals to overall health & wellbeing.

What are the potential health benefits of consuming Rutin?

  • Prevents blood clots

Scientific research has shown that Rutin seems to prevent the formation of blood clots in animals, and has been cited to help prevent heart attacks, stroke and thrombosis in humans too. If your family history shows you have a genetic pre-disposition to any of the above conditions, we strongly suggest you speak with your GP before taking a Rutin supplement to ensure it’s appropriate for you to take.

  • Enhances blood circulation

Rutin, helps to strengthen your arteries and capillaries which means your blood vessels are stronger, resulting in better, un-interrupted flow, around the blood vessels.  This is particularly helpful to haemorrhoids sufferers, but we strongly suggest you discuss taking Rutin with your medical professional, to ensure it doesn’t interact with any anticoagulants you may be taking.

  • Eases Joint Pain

Many reports show that Rutin helps ease the arthritis pain by suppressing the oxidative stress – where an excess of free radicals can damage your body’s cells.  Rutin helps your body as it contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

How should I take my Rutin?

Rutin or Green Buckwheat can be taken in many ways, but it’s generally consumed in either powder form that you mix in with a smoothie, or in a convenient tablet form.  Ideally, you’re looking for 60mg of Rutin per day so check the label of your product, but generally speaking, two tablets every day should suffice.  It’s recommended to take it after food if you’re taking it in tablet form, but obviously if you’re doing a juice/smoothie, you only need about a 1/6th of a teaspoonful to get the same quantity of Rutin.  But, just be mindful to read the label so you know the strength of the product you’re taking and adjust your doses appropriately.

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